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Delivery Instructions
Delivery Instructions
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Forever Love – Kenya Roses Box
Kenya Rose in Hexagonal Box  

New York

Standard – $15, delivery charge is free for orders over $50. For the same-day New York delivery service, please place your order before 2.00pm, Monday – Friday. For same-day New York delivery service on Saturdays, place before 10.00am.

Nationwide Delivery

Standard – $20. A next-day nationwide delivery service is available Tuesday – Saturday for orders placed by 2pm the previous day.

Each bouquet will arrive with flower care instructions. Please note, certain fragile products are available for a New York delivery only.

Forever Love - Kenya Roses Box


Materials: This exquisite bouquet is presented in a sleek hexagonal black box, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a sturdy base for the arrangement.

Rose Country of Origin

Kenya Red Roses: The vibrant red roses are sourced from Kenya, known for its high-quality floriculture and large, deep-hued blooms that are perfect for expressing love and passion.


Oasis Flora Foam: To ensure the roses last, they are carefully placed in Oasis Flora Foam within the box. This special foam provides a consistent water and floral food supply, extending the roses’ freshness for at least five days.

Unique Points

Hexagonal Box: The hexagon shape of the box is not just visually appealing but also symbolizes balance and longevity, mirroring the natural symmetry found in life, making it an ideal emblem for a lasting relationship.

Craftsmanship: Each Hexagonal Rose Box arrangement is meticulously crafted by skilled florists, ensuring that every rose box is a work of art.

Delivery: With swift delivery across Singapore through trusted vendors like GrabExpress, TadaExpress, RydeSend, Lalamove, and uParcel, this exquisite bouquet or box is more than a gift—it’s a grand romantic gesture. Partnering with premium delivery services ensures prompt delivery to enhance your experience.

Theme: Green foliage, cotton flowers, baby’s breath (Gypsophila) and Kenya Rose in Hexagonal Box

Description: This hexagonal box is a meticulously crafted piece that combines the elegance of nature with a modern geometric design. The exterior of the box is shaped into a perfect hexagon, providing a contemporary and stylish look that is sure to catch the eye. Inside, the box is filled with a lush arrangement of green foliage, creating a vibrant and refreshing backdrop. Amongst the foliage, delicate cotton flowers add a touch of softness and natural beauty, their fluffy white blooms evoking a sense of purity and simplicity.

Adding to the charm of this arrangement is the inclusion of baby’s breath (Gypsophila), known for its dainty and ethereal appearance. The baby’s breath sprinkles the arrangement with its small, white flowers, creating an effect of lightness and airiness. This is complemented by the striking presence of Kenya Roses, which introduce a bold splash of color. The Kenya Rose is renowned for its large, vibrant blooms and exceptional quality, making it a standout feature in this hexagonal box.

Together, the green foliage, cotton flowers, baby’s breath, and Kenya Roses create a harmonious and captivating display. The hexagonal box serves not only as a container but also as a unique piece of decor that brings a piece of the natural world indoors. Whether as a centerpiece, a thoughtful gift, or a decorative accent, this hexagonal box with its beautiful arrangement is sure to delight and inspire.

forever love rose
forever love rose
forever love rose
fresh flower
oasis foam
Lush and Love
care instructions

Care Instructions

Flowers Water

Change the water and add fresh flower food every 2-3 days. This provides nutrients to the flowers and prevents bacteria buildup that blocks stems and shortens vase life.

Cut stem ends by 2-3 cm at an angle before putting in water. This allows better water uptake


Display your bouquet or flower arrangement in a cool, draft-free area. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, heat sources like radiators, and ethylene gas from fruit, which causes premature wilting.


Immediately cut 1-2 inches off the stems at an angle with clean, sharp scissors or pruners. This exposes fresh tissue that can better uptake water.

Selectively prune flowers as they fade to maintain an aesthetic appearance and direct energy to remaining blooms