Delivery Instructions
Delivery Instructions
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Abigail – timeless Wooden box

New York

Standard – $15, delivery charge is free for orders over $50. For the same-day New York delivery service, please place your order before 2.00pm, Monday – Friday. For same-day New York delivery service on Saturdays, place before 10.00am.

Nationwide Delivery

Standard – $20. A next-day nationwide delivery service is available Tuesday – Saturday for orders placed by 2pm the previous day.

Each bouquet will arrive with flower care instructions. Please note, certain fragile products are available for a New York delivery only.

Abigail - Timeless wooden box


Materials: This enchanting floral arrangement is elegantly presented in a timeless wooden box, adding a touch of classic sophistication. Featuring a delightful combination of pink Baby’s Breath, Carnations, Gerbera flowers, and lush green foliage, this arrangement exudes charm and beauty. 



Baby’s Breath: With its delicate charm and ethereal beauty, baby’s breath has long been cherished as a symbol of everlasting love. The tiny blooms, clustered together in a soft embrace, embody the essence of a love that is pure, innocent, and unwavering.

Carnations: Revered for their timeless beauty and rich symbolism, carnations have been adored as a representation of deep affection and admiration. Each petal, with its intricate layers and vibrant hues, reflects a love that is enduring, heartfelt, and filled with admiration.

Gerbera: Known for their cheerful appearance and radiant colors, gerbera flowers exude joy and happiness. The bright, bold petals symbolize a love that is lively, vibrant, and full of positivity. Each bloom captures the essence of a love that brings smiles, laughter, and endless sunshine.

Unique Points

Wooden Box:  The wooden box beautifully showcases the vibrant colors of carnations, gerbera, pink baby breath, and lush green foliage, creating a captivating and elegant arrangement.

Craftsmanship: Our skilled artisans carefully select and arrange each bloom within the wooden box, ensuring a harmonious blend of colors and textures that captivate the eye. Every detail is meticulously crafted to create a stunning and unforgettable floral display

Delivery: With swift delivery across Singapore through trusted vendors like GrabExpress, TadaExpress, RydeSend, Lalamove, and uParcel, this exquisite bouquet or box is more than a gift—it’s a grand romantic gesture. Partnering with premium delivery services ensures prompt delivery to enhance your experience.

Theme:  Timeless wooden box with baby’s breath, carnation and gerbera (Daisy)

Description: This exquisite ensemble features delicate Baby’s Breath, vibrant Carnations, and charming Gerbera (Daisy) blooms, accompanied by lush green foliage. The combination of these enchanting elements creates a harmonious and captivating display that is perfect for any occasion. Let the beauty of this arrangement brighten your space and bring joy to your day.

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care instructions

Care Instructions

Flowers Water

Change the water and add fresh flower food every 2-3 days. This provides nutrients to the flowers and prevents bacteria buildup that blocks stems and shortens vase life.

Cut stem ends by 2-3 cm at an angle before putting in water. This allows better water uptake


Display your bouquet or flower arrangement in a cool, draft-free area. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, heat sources like radiators, and ethylene gas from fruit, which causes premature wilting.


Immediately cut 1-2 inches off the stems at an angle with clean, sharp scissors or pruners. This exposes fresh tissue that can better uptake water.

Selectively prune flowers as they fade to maintain an aesthetic appearance and direct energy to remaining blooms