Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers – 2023

A bouquet of red roses delivered to her home or office is the most classic way to show her how a flower bouquet can brighten her day. If you are a traditionalist at heart, classic red rose always goes well with that special day!

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Embrace your loved one with a stunning floral arrangement from Lush and Love that is unique, luxurious and will leave a lasting impression.

valentines day flowers box

Classic Fresh Rose Box

Get this unique gift box with fresh Kenya Rose, Baby Breath and cotton flowers for your loved ones!

baby breath for valentines day

Sweet Pink Baby Breath (LED)

Stunning large bouquet of pink Baby Breath (Million Stars) for your valentine, with 8 to 10 pink LED ball!

flower box

Custom Flower Box (Wood)

Contact us via WhatsApp for a custom made wooden flower box. Unique and one of a kind experience for your loved one.

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Best Valentine’s Day offer, if you place your order before Feb 05 2023, you will receive up to 15% OFF on selected flower gift boxes or bouquets. (Use Valentine’s Day Coupon Code: VDay23)

Featured Valentine’s Day Collections

There is nothing more important than love. We present to you our Valentine’s Day Flowers Collection for the year 2023. Our assortment of fresh cut flowers includes beautiful bouquets of roses, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips, Baby Breath (or Million Stars), peonies and sunflowers. All fresh bouquets are lovingly arranged by hand and carefully hand crafted before they leave our boutiques. So you can be sure they will bring a smile to your loved one’s face when they receive them.

Valentine’s Day is not only the day couples express their love for each other, but also a day for friends to express their gratitude! The professional florists in our shop select only the best flowers for your special occasions, from exquisite roses to delicate tulips and baby’s breath.

Ecuador Rose

Premium Rose from Kenya or Ecuador. Most of the roses imported from Ecuador are grown at high altitudes – between 2,800 and 3,000 meters above sea level.

kenya rose
flower box

Unique Wooden Box

Sweet and loving wooden box filled with pinky baby breaths.

Fresh Flowers

We have crafted our collection with thought, passion and dedication. This wooden box filled with fresh flowers are destined to delight! We offer freshly arranged flower boxes with a wide range of additional gifts.

small flower box

Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Looking for the most unique and romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her? These ideas will not disappoint – a bouquet of flowers that thoughtfully crafted by Lush and Love!

“We rejoice in every floral arrangement we create. We hope our blooms bring a smile to someone’s face today!”

Angela Lau

Founder, Lush and Love

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I ordered a medium round white box with pink roses.

They arrived at their destination the very next day.

Although I have not seen them.

They were a birthday gift for my sister and she absolutely loved them. She said they looked and smelled beautiful.

Absolutely fabulous. 

Bobby Wong

After a disastrous order from Greenly Garage (SG) which arrived late, Lush and Love saved the day. Beautiful flowers.

Jimmy Chan YK

Beautiful fresh roses from an exotic land. My wife loves them very much. I have bought 3 for her so far and she loves them every time.

I will definitely buy them again and again. Never failed to surprised her, two thumbs up!

Leong KS

Great product, great look, great apperance. On time delivery.

However, it would be nice if the handwritten note was written with ‘hand’. But since it was free. I do not think I can complain. Nevertheless a great experince buying online flowers with Angela!


Quick delivery and such beautiful flowers. Bought them for my gf birthday celebration and she was thrilled! Thanks

Jacky Lee Siew Meng

Amazing product and amazing customer support. Flowers continue to look great even today after nearly 8 days. Will certainly be purchasing again. Thank you Angela for your prompt reply in WhatsApp

Amanda Yeo

My flower box for my girlfriend (now my wife) is absolutely stunning!

It looks beautiful on the website but it’s even more impressive in real life!

It arrived beautifully packaged in the box and there were no issues at all with ordering or delivery. Great job!

Sebastian Ho

I ordered a fantastic bunch of baby breath as a present for my loved one. It arrived the day after I placed the order in excellent conditions.

The product looks stunning like in the website’s photos. Not only it looks good but it also smell pleasantlly!

For sure, I will buy more products from Lush and Love in the future.

Thanks Angela for great customer support and answering all my inquiries with prompt manner.

Ong Sk

How to buy the best Valentine’s Day Flowers in Singapore: Expert tips from florist

Valentine’s Day flowers can brighten your loved one’s day – but which flowers do you choose? Does it have to be red roses? How do you keep the flowers looking their best for the longest?

We’ll look at answers to these and other questions so that you can surprise your loved one with beautiful flowers with a personal touch that shows you put a lot of thought into your choice.

Choose the right florist

Take a look at reviews for your florist of choice. Are there good comments from happy customers? Were people pleased with their gifts?

Does your florist offer any extra services with your gift such as a gift hamper? You may want to include your flowers as part of a unique gift box of other chosen items to please your loved one.

Make sure that your preferred florist has what you want and is able to deliver it on time.

valentines day card
valentines day flower graphic

Choose the right flowers

People often ask what are the best Valentine’s Day flowers. While red roses are the most traditional choice, perhaps your loved one has other preferences. Hydrangeas, peonies, pink roses – there are so many beautiful flowers to choose from.

Here are some other considerations when choosing flowers:

What colors does your loved one enjoy?

Not everyone prefers red – some people love purple, pink, white, yellow, orange… or a combination of colors. Think about what colors you see them wear or what colors are in their living space, and surprise them with flowers that will go with their environment.

Is smell important to your special person?

Some flowers have a more potent scent than others. Check with your florist if the blooms you have chosen are fragrant – some varieties of roses, for example, have no scent at all. Other flowers such as lilies can be pretty powerful, which some people appreciate, while others don’t. Strong smells can be overbearing for them.

What is your relationship like?

Roses say romance, so they might not be the right choice for everyone. Some people even prefer less traditional favorites such as tulips.

Are your flowers going to someone who loves gardening?

You could add some succulents to your bouquet, which can be replanted afterward.

What do your chosen flowers symbolize?

Flowers have different meanings: it can be fun to take that into account with your choice. For example, daisies are associated with future prosperity, while daffodils represent new birth and new beginnings.

Consider getting a subscription

If you’re someone who enjoys sending flowers, some florists offer a subscription where you can get substantial discounts and offers. Some florists will even send out bouquets for you on significant dates of the year so that once your order is set up, you won’t have to think about it. This might not be crucial for Valentine’s Day, but it’s worth knowing for the rest of the year.

valentines day flower purple
valentines day flower poster

Try sending the flowers to the office

Many people love to show off a gift of flowers to their co-workers, so consider having your flowers delivered to their place of work. The flowers will brighten up their workday and be the envy of everyone else!

Order in plenty of time

It makes sense not waiting till the last minute to order your flowers. Florists are naturally not at their most relaxed when it’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and everyone is ordering bouquets. Let your florist do their best work by calling in advance.

You can even get the flowers sent over as buds a few days before so that your loved one can enjoy them as they open up into blooms.

In addition, weekend deliveries tend to be more costly, so you can save money by requesting a weekday delivery. If the flowers arrive by Friday, you can show them off all weekend – an added bonus!

Keep the card honest

Go for a straightforward message on the card that says how you really feel, rather than a set phrase that you’d find in any Valentine’s card. And be honest: don’t use ‘the L word’ if that’s not where you’re at. Get creative with your message, remembering who you’re writing for. You can ask your florist for tips if you’re stuck, as they have a lot of experience in this area!

You can even Google the history of the flowers that you’ve chosen and add something about that to the card. Offering flowers that have a story behind them can be quite powerful.

Care for your Valentine’s flowers to keep them for longer

A common question people ask is how do you keep Valentine’s Day flowers looking good? Well, here are a few tips for you:

  • Put them in water straight away
  • Change the water daily
  • Cut the stems on a diagonal, trimming them each day
  • Trim off excess leaves (more water for the flowers)
  • Use flower food, if it’s provided
  • Provide a little light, but not too much direct sunlight
  • Refrigerate your vase at night to stop oxidation and growth of bacteria
10 things need to know valentines flowers

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

A clever trick is to ask your loved one what kinds of flowers they like in a casual conversation. If you do this way ahead of time – say, December – they won’t suspect a thing come Valentine’s Day.

You may want to check if your gift recipient has a vase – if not, it shows extra thought to provide one with your flowers.

Flowers on a budget

If you know you’re buying for someone who likes red roses and you’re concerned about the cost (roses do tend to be more expensive than other flowers), try going with a clever arrangement of red tulips and succulents. Ask your florist for tips on a budget bouquet that can still be beautiful – it’s all down to the right arrangement, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Add something extra

Try adding an extra treat along with your bouquet so that it really stands out. Some chocolates, a stuffed animal, a piece of jewelry, or some fancy flavored gummies can provide a bit of fun.