Valentine’s Day Flower : Tulip

Valentine’s Day Flowers – Tulips

In this post, we will reveal the reason for choosing the tulip as your Valentine’s Day flower gift.

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Why Choose Tulip as a Valentine’s Day flower?

Tulips are known for their beauty, but one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is their resilience. Beauty aside, tulips are recognized for their toughness, making them a popular choice for Valentine’s bouquets. In our wide range of Valentine’s Day floral arrangement selections, tulips, like the majority of the other blooms such as Rose and Lilies, are stunning. Not only do they thrive in harsh environments, but they can endure long journeys across oceans and continents. The significance of the tulip has made it synonymous with love for many centuries, perhaps going back as far as 1799 BC. During this historical period, the cultivation of these petal beauties flourished throughout Europe.

 The symbolism of the name
Does the appearance of the tulip remind you of a turban?
It’s no coincidence that they seem identical. The name of the tulip is derived from the Persian word for turban, as it resembles one. This magnificent flower originated in Central Asia.


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What tulips represent?

The flower’s symbolic significance extends well beyond its aesthetic beauty. There are 3 of them:

1) Unflinching adoration.
As one of the flowers linked with love, tulips are suitable for both romantic and family partnerships. They are a symbol of love. Farhad and Shirin’s blood is claimed to have inspired the formation of tulips in Turkish and Persian folklore. It’s just a matter of time before Farhad and his horse come face-to-face with Shirin’s decomposed body.

2) A glimmer of optimism
A simple and effective method to brighten someone’s day is to give them a bouquet of flowers. Tulips painted in sunny hues, such as yellow, signify new beginnings and the light at the end of the tunnel. Because of this, the Victorians used yellow tulips to express, “There’s sunshine in your grin.”

3) Devotion and a strong sense of duty
A pink tulip may brighten the mood of everyone who sees it when they are feeling down. It also serves as a reminder to him or her that he or she is not alone. These presents are welcomed by folks who are beginning a new chapter in their life.


Choosing the right colors

The color red represents passion, the color pink represents tender feelings, the color white represents purity or unrequited love, the color orange represents attraction or desire, the color yellow represents adoration, and the color purple represents majesty.


However, before incorporating any of these lovely tulip hues into your flower gift arrangement, take some time to think about the romantic message you want to convey. Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day flowers are frequently touching, it is best to convey your message with your arrangement without being too specific! A well-designed flower arrangement can convey almost anything.

However, there are no set guidelines for Valentine’s Day floral arrangements. Think of each arrangement as a blank canvas on which you can paint your own story. After all, no two relationships are the same – so why should any two arrangements be the same? While there are no set guidelines for the size of your arrangement (the sky really is the limit), it helps to keep proportions in mind.

To avoid overwhelming someone with a bouquet that is larger than their body, keep the arrangement as simple as possible. Also, avoid overcrowding your flora arrangement. Leave enough space between flowers so that nothing feels cramped or squashed against the stem of another flower. Also, make sure everything fits perfectly in the vase to avoid an unsightly gap at the side. 

At Lush and Love Florist, we guarantee to send only the most beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquets available in town. We realize that shopping for Valentine’s flowers online can feel mundane. That’s why we are happy to be involved in every stage of our customers’ shopping experience. Our customers can always count on courteous customer service representatives to assist them with any questions or concerns via email, phone, or live chat.

Do not settle for anything less than perfect Valentine’s Day gifts – buy beautiful flowers today. Just tell us in detail about your Valentine’s Day flower delivery when you place your order. We want to know everything about them, from whether they like receiving their Valentine’s gifts in person to their favorite colors. That way, we can create a unique bouquet for you and guarantee that your gifts arrive in pristine condition.

Sending flowers does not have to be difficult – as long as you are clear about your preferred arrangement. Men, for example, prefer to avoid overly sentimental flowers. “Love you! I was thinking about you madly!” Instead, choose something modest and beautiful that subtly expresses your admiration.


A few Tulips or a vibrant mixed bouquet will look fantastic in almost any setting, as long as they enhance the romantic ambience and do not distract from it. On the other hand, if she has a preference for fresh flowers or a certain color scheme, feel free to spend more on an opulent arrangement that better expresses her preferences. In any case, keep her own style in mind when choosing flowers for Valentine’s Day. Does she lean toward modern designs? Muted tones? An overabundance of flowers?

Whatever her preferences are, try not to stray too far from them when choosing a flower gift. Otherwise, there’s a good chance your bouquet will not be as thoughtful after all. Above all, do not forget to include a nice little note/message saying how much you care about her, the message card is complimentary from us (free of charge). This will show her that romance is not dead yet! This is especially important if you want to make sure it’s not a random gift from someone else.