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Ordering flowers for Mother’s Day is a tradition that dates back to 1916. But what began as a tribute to mothers has evolved into so much more. From cards and gifts to special outings and hotel’s brunch, motherhood today is not just about taking care of your child, it’s about being there when they need you most. With Mother’s Day just days away, make sure your dear mom knows how important she is with one of these thoughtful floral arrangements from Lush and Love, delivered right on time!

Mother’s Day Singapore 2023 Celebration?

Glance through online review!

Although flower gifts for Mother’s Day are one of the classic gift ideas, it is always a good habit to do your research before choosing a florist for the occasion. If you need help deciding, it can be beneficial to read online reviews and see what other people have to say about their own experiences.

Sending a personal messages to your mom!

Price comparisons and the ability to see actual samples of different bouquets are some of the benefits of buying Mother’s Day flowers at the shopping mall or heartland’s flower shop, even though online shopping is the de facto way to order flowers these days. Prepared your personal messages in advance, if you have all this information at hand, you will be well on your way to choosing the ideal flower gift for your mother.

Order in advance, probably two weeks before Mother's Day

Want to secure your order and make sure the flowers are delivered on Mother’s Day Sunday? Order them as early as possible. Do not take the risk of ordering at the last minute and not getting what you wanted – order on time and make sure she gets the flowers exactly when she deserves them!

What To Gift During Mother's Day?

Choosing the right bouquet for Mother's Day:

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3 Tips to remember when choosing Mother's Day flowers:

With these 3 tips, you can make sure your mom gets the flowers she wanted on Mother’s Day.

  • First, offer her something exotic that you do not usually see in Singapore, such as peonies or dahlias, and she’ll definitely be thrilled.
  • Then, give her an unusual flower arrangement. Instead of wrapping it with floral paper, you can opt for a wooden bucket or an unusual container like a “luggage box“.
  • And last but not least: Watch your budget, because no one wants to go into debt for their good deed! Honoring our moms goes far beyond a snack from Fairprice NTUC or Cold Storage during Sunday grocery shopping. Take some time to find something special that will add weight to this special occasion.

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There’s no better way to tell your mom you love her than with a beautiful bouquet of carnations. For this year Mother’s Day 2023 collections, our florists at Lush and Love have come up with some great ideas to show your mom how much you appreciate her sacrifice over the years.

Carnation bouquets: delivered right to your door on a beautiful Sunday. The best way to say “I love you” is with a beautiful flower arrangement from us. Before you place your online order, please let us know if your mother has any allergies or if you would like to avoid certain flowers because of the scent or for any other reason. For an additional cost, you can also add extras like chocolates and stuffed animals or helium balloons to your Mother’s Day celebration! Just be sure to leave a note on the check out page.

We look forward to celebrating this Mother’s Day 2023 with you! Thank you for visiting our website! Our wide range of products and services make gift giving easy and enjoyable! Click here to browse our catalogue now!