For Business

Floral Arrangements & Plant Services For any Corporate Client in Singapore

Create art with floral arrangements and plant services for your company. Whether it is plant scaping for office space, floral décor for restaurants, we are able to cater to your needs.  Let our bespoke arrangements add that Midas touch for your business just like how we do with clients such as hotels, cafes, spas, events, office space and more.

We also offer floral subscriptions which help to enhance and complement the ambience of various spaces as well as for private clients in a fuss-free manner. This means that flowers will be sent in batches on a regular basis by us, saving you time and effort, yet able to refresh your home and/or commercial space regularly.

Let our exceptional floral designers take care of all your floral décor and installation needs. Reach out to us, the best and affordable online florist in Singapore!

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